Saturday, July 25, 2009

Winning the Battle!

Have you ever lost everything you ever hoped and dreamed for in one day? It’s ok if you haven't but it happens every day. Well I had one of those days where I kind of lost everything. But it is ok right? Exactly! Everyone should know this one thing and believe this: All things will be restored that were lost. Well I have a story to tell you. It is a story told by an ant (insect no misspelling) now how is that possible you ask? It’s not like it was talking to me or anything, it was purely taught through example. Some of you know I have been battling ants in my basement as of late and they have been some quite humorous stories in my eyes. But this story is to be taken seriously.

One day I was while I was a child I was watching an ant crawl along the sidewalk weaving back and forth going to whatever destination it desired. When I decided to put something in its way, Of course it paused for a minute and then went around it and soon was heading toward where it was going again. So I decided to make it harder for the ant and put a few more things in its way and around it too. It took a little longer but still managed to get free and on to where it was going. I thought I would put a leaf on it. It lifted it up and off of it as well of many other things I put on top of it and continued on its way.

When I got home tonight I was reminded of this, and I thought I have to be like this little ant! Something so tiny and seems to be so insignificant can teach me so much! I know that whatever comes my way I just have to go around, pick it up and move it and move forward. There is no way I am going to forget Misty because she is not gone! For all I know she’s the one helping me type this. I just know there is so much good out there in this world to just give up. Yes I am lonely; yes I hurt and still have to cry sometimes. But I am only being made stronger. I hope people see my point that I am making. I have not been getting the rest I need because I have not been going to bed until late and waking very early.

I have been a person who learns from others experiences and I hope that I might be able to teach someone else through mine. But most of all, allow you that chance to learn from the spirit. He is the ultimate teacher. I am just a servant.


Anonymous said...

Jake that is beautiful!!!!!!! wow you are amazing strong human being!

Anonymous said...

and anonymous is pam, it's the only way i could it to work