Monday, July 6, 2009

The veil is thin.

I wanted to share some experiences I had during the time of Misty's passing, and testify of what I know to be true. I should tell anyone reading this first that if you lack in faith, please try to exercise an ounce of it at this time and try to believe what I am about to tell you. I do this now because often we feel closer to God when we are at loss. This is a true principle, God lets us experience pain and sorrow so that we cry out for him. Not all of us talk to him as much as we should.

Many of you know that I am a faith filled man, and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter saints. I am not preaching to anyone, I am letting you know of my experience with Misty. What I want from those who do not believe there is an afterlife or those who are not sure. To please, open up their hearts to my experience and try to exercise some belief.

I KNOW that our Father in heaven is REAL! And his son Jesus Christ atoned for our transgression while he ministered on this earth. I knew these things before this happened to Misty. I want you to know that I did not gain this knowledge because of the suffering I am going through. I found out by asking our Father in heaven.

You can too; Jesus is knocking only you can let him in.

When Misty first died Saturday morning, I was hysterical and my heart felt as if it was pulled out and trampled upon. After I left pioneer hospital and was heading to IHC hospital I began to feel the love of our Heavenly father poor out for me. I felt a love between my wife and I grow 100 fold. Never in my life had I felt that way about her. It is a perfect love, a love without boundaries. I was able to feel her around me. I knew when she got to the hospital and did not see. Someone walked in and told me and I already knew. We had a meeting with the doctors about the baby and as we left I asked if Misty was in a room behind me and I was able to point exactly where she was. This does not just happen because of coincidence, One day molecules don’t decide to make you feel things. These feelings are real and you have them almost every day whether you choose to acknowledge them or not is your own choice.

My wife's funeral program was not of my design ether. Through the power of the Holy Ghost Misty was able to show me exactly what she wanted me to do. My wife is a very good planner, I am not. If you ever heard the term if you want things done then you have to do it yourself. That is what Misty did, I committed myself to doing the program but I did not have to make them. The night after she died I was showering thinking of the plans for the next day when this vision of the program came to my mind, instantly I knew just what she wanted and I said out loud to her as if she were right there and told her "that will be cute babe" the next morning I felt as if she we dragging me out of bed to get started because I really had no Idea how little time I would have to work it. She really did design the best program I had ever seen. It literally is a work of art in my eyes. She let me pick the pictures and the words but she knew where everything should be. This made it easier on me to do the rest of it. I told Jer her brother that she always got the towel for me when I would shower I am going to miss that. Bless her heart she has reminded me each time to grab one.

I know that these things are small and simple. But it is by small and simple things that faith is built.

You, the one who is reading this, the person I felt prompted to talk to you about this, I know with all my heart that this did happen to me. It is real I cannot deny this for fear I would be struck down by the lord himself. I say this because I love you. Start your path to faith, I know it hurts now but there is comfort is knowing. Pray now ask him if he is real; ask him if what I say is true. He will answer you. He does not speak how we do but he speaks with love. Not everyone hears a voice or has a extreme story they just feel the love that he has for them and you will find comfort in these words because he loves you.

All the good we fight for here is worth it in the end.


Josh and Brittany said...

We are so grateful for your amazing testimony. Its truely a blessing to see you being comforted by Misty and the gospel. As always, we love you guys, even if we don't always see you. You're such a great man and I know Heavenly Father is taking extra care of you, and you'll always be a strong and faithful man, husband, father and friend.

Taylor's said...

Jake you are truly a man of word and deed - I can not believe how strong you are - you amaze me and give me something new to live for and aspire to be.

Thanks for always being there!

Allison said...

What a sweet picture of Misty and an even sweeter story of your recent experiences together. You and Misty have a lot of strength together in the gospel, even if there is a veil between you. What a great testimony and way of sharing it- there is no greater way of building faith than by bearing down in true testimony. Thanks for the post.

Amelia said...

Jake, thank you for sharing those sacred experiences with the rest of us. You guys have always had a bond that amazed everyone who knows you, and how inspiring it is to know that it has only increased by separation. I sure love you and Misty. When you can spare her for a moment could you send her my way? I am really missing her. Like, bad. Love you both.

Marie Starr said...

Just want to let you know that I prayed for your during your loss, and the vision of you came to me while I prayed, a vision of God's love being POURED down on you, like warm oil - the balm of Gilead - to see you through each day, each moment, so you could step-by-hurting-step, walk thru this Gethsemane of your life. It is so neat to see you write about how you felt that love when it was being poured over you.

I continue to lift you up in prayer and that your faith grows stronger...that this event that was meant to be a stumbling block, God will turn it into stepping stones for you - eternal stepping stones that NO ONE can take away.

A Sister in Christ and one who prays for you,

Marie Starr