Thursday, July 9, 2009

Misty's Flowers

After Misty passed. I went to my Sister's house for a nap I later went over to my house to take a shower. When we got there I thought that someone left two planters on our front flower bed. When Lonni and I went to see them. They were our own flowers which misty and I planted this year and they bloomed for the first time. When I saw them I tried to have everyone see them. Not everyone could but I took pictures so here you go! We hope you like them! We worked really hard on our yard this year.

(Before: when we first bought the house)
we just had a bunch of rocks and broken concrete in the front so ugly!

(before we planted this year)

(After we planted)


The Snells said...

those lillies are beautiful! your yard looks great, it looks like you two have done a lot to your yard since i last saw it :)

Taylor's said...

I drive by your house just to see your beautiful landscaping. The flowers bloomed the day she passed away. I almost picked one for you and framed it but then I thought - what if Jake has not seen it? I am glad you captured the pictures of them. They are gorgeous! I was so glad to see one in Misty's hand a the funeral too - after all, she probably picked them out!

Amanda said...

Jake. . . your testimony and strength during this difficult time is truly inspiring. We have been praying for you and I have been putting your name on the Draper temple prayer roll when I work there Saturday nights. Maybe you could be a temple worker to help heal. . . that has truly given me incredible blessings of peace as we've struggled with infertility.

jen allyson said...

This makes me smile. thank you for sharing photos of misty's flowers.