Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bad customer service..

Guess what time it is? 3:46 FREAKING AM. I just received a call from Jetblue.. Thanks for not flying but jetting with us! It was about some freaking reservation change. I was beyond pissed. For one I almost had a heart attack because a call coming through in the middle of the night and two here it is almost an hour after the call came through and I am still up. SO I thought..... People want me to update my blog so here you go!

I called Jetblue to complain. This is my first time what do they call it? JETTING with Jetblue and the experience has been anything except desirable. So I call and complain and the sup said that they will take my name off from the automated list. Maybe I don't want me name taking off from the automated list if this is a way of notifying people of flight changes duh. But I didn't think about that when I was talking to the oh so professional supervisor. I had explained to her my frustrations stating that I booked in advance and then the rates change by oh $80.00 and that sits on my account as a credit for future flights. Then she has the nerve to tell me that I shouldn't be talking to her the way that I did. What way? Expressing my concerns? Then when I tell her that I myself take supervisor calls and I have not been belligerent to her once she then tells me that I am threatening her. I said I have not once threatened her. Then she said that I threatened JetBlue by stating that I will not fly with them again due to this call. They hire some company that made the call. She explained this to me. Almost like trying to pass the blame onto someone else. I told her that JetBlue is responsible as they are the one that hires this third party company to make those calls. My goodness... I asked for someone above her and THEN.. THEN... She tells me that there is no record of them calling me. I said do you really think that I want to wake up and 3 in the morning and call you and tell you that I am upset that you guys called me just to make it up? Then she told me that I am upset about the $80.00 and I am using this to get the $80.00 back. My gosh.. This lady deserves the supervisor of the year award in my book for providing such outstanding customer service. Apparently there is no one above her to complain to.. NO ONE.

I am off to bed now. Anyone know any contact info with Jetblue to complain to someone higher than their customer service reps? Obviously they don't care and take your concerns as a threat.

Maybe they are grumpy that it was 3AM and they had to work.. Who knows....

Great post following my prior post :)

See ya!

Psst.. I am not making up the time. It shows that I posted my post at 2:46 AM Blogger is so against me too LOL making me look like a liar hehe.


Amelia said...

That is so not cool. I'd have a heart attack too if I were called about something like that in the middle of the night. I WOULD have been belligerent!

I would ask Catherine Grey about who to talk to, she does reservations for Jet Blue.

david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Happy day