Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Picture Update time!

As many of you know my niece Makaila is visiting us from Oregon for the summer. She is super cute and last week was a blast!

Here is a pic of her and I :)

This next week I will only get be with her on Friday, Saturday morning and a few hours on Sunday since we are going to Manti. I am excited to go to Manti! We are going with some of our Friends Brittany and Josh! I will share pics when we get back!

Ok :) So I am going to just share some more random pics! Enjoy!

Makaila enjoying her ribs! Well not HER ribs but ribs :)

Gabriel is now into taking self portraits!
Me at work :) now all of you who are curious as to what I look like when I work here I am :)

The End :)


Taylor's said...

So Fun!

Thanks again for letting everyone in your house last night. AND it was NOT a mess!

I tagged you on my blog! If you are up to it, it would be fun to see what goes on in your house!

The Snells said...

Makaila has gotten so grown up!! she is adorable! how are your sisters other kids doing? thats great that she gets to spend the summer with you guys i bet it will be a blast! are you getting ready for your anniversary trip? I miss san diego and would love to go back sometime! i was in santa barbara last year so at least i got some ocean :)

Amelia said...

Whit woo, what a hottie you are at work. Jake better watch out! :) I love little Gabe, and Makaila is such a sweet girl.

Have fun in Manti!