Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another fun weekend has passed....

This weekend we had a lot of fun. We had Makaila again (be prepared for future posts about her because she will be with us for the summer:)) and we went to Manti with some friends!

On Thursday my Mom brought Makaila over to our house and that night started off fun. So fun that I cannot remember what we did! We woke up on Friday morning and went with my Aunt to plan her funeral. It is AMAZING at how much a funeral costs. For the funeral services (The services and the stuff they do with the body), casket, vault, some money set aside for opening and closing, obituary and death certificates the grand total is $9200.00 YES $9200.00 EXCLUDING the plot and headstone. Many of you know that Jake and I already have our funeral plan bought and paid for. Before we started going to Church we opted for cremation. After we started going to church I had talked to our bishop about our funeral plan and the cremation. One of the reasons that we went with cremation is because as a young child I had bad dreams about my Dad's body in the casket which made me not want to be burring and also the cost of our funeral plan is MUCH cheaper than traditional burial. Shortly after we went through the Temple we met up with the mortuary people to discuss changing our plan to tradition burial and at that time it was going to cost us like $16000.00 Excluding the plots and the headstone and not putting any money aside for opening and closing... So going through this with my Aunt has made me grateful for what we have. At least right now if one of us was to die it wouldn't be a burden on the other financially. We have enough like insurance to pay the house and our debt off if that was to happen so that way the other person can pay off those other expenses. If the living person does decide to do traditional burial then we will do it. But for now cremation it is. If you haven't thought about it I highly recommend that you look into preened funeral plans. I am SOO GLAD that we already have this taken care of.

Now onto the fun stuff :) So Friday night we went up to Memory Grove and let our dog run lose. For those who know Zoey know that she is super crazy and runs fast and is hard to get back once she is lose! We managed to get her back and went up a little walk on one of their trails. While we were on the trail we cam across this cute foot that someone made out of rocks! It so made my night!

We even tried to take a picture of all of us and this is the best that we did. My battery was running low so I was afraid to take numerous pictures in case I came across the perfect picture opportunity.. Which we didn't LOL :)

Saturday morning we headed up to Manti with our friends Brittany and Josh the watch the pagent. I love the Mormon Miracle Pagent. This was our second year going and I plan on going again in the future. I wish that we would have brought Makaila because I knew that she would have fun however we did not have the accomdations for her. So it was just us and our friends! We went and did a session in the Manti Temple before the pagent. That was a joy as always. It was amazing at how many people were getting sealed that day. It made me think about our sealing day. I know that it was special and I enjoyed it but I wish that I would have listended more and maybe acted more happy about it than I did. I know that we did the right thing at the right time but I don't think that I prepared myself as mush as I now would have liked. Anyways here are some pics of our weekend!

I hope that everyone else had a great weekend!!!!!


Taylor's said...

So fun! Manti is always a blast and I surprised to hear that there was a lot sealings that day! When Jeff and I were sealed in Manti it was just us and one other couple that way done earlier in the day. It might have just been the time of year too but it was soo nice to have the bridal room all to myself!

And thanks for pointers on funeral arrangements. Never thought of it and now I think we might want too! Only problem, I really don't want to be buried in Utah . . is that bad?

Amelia said...

You guys are an inspiration in so many ways. At some point Todd and I will look into funeral arrangements. Hopefully before we're past the "pre-need" stage! It's just so darned expensive! I applaud you guys for your preparation.

I'm glad you had fun in Manti. Camilla used to go down every year and stay with friends and be in the pagent. Todd and I have gone several times, back when we were dating/first married, and it was fun, but it changed some how. The pagent is still great, but they don't let you hang out on the temple grounds on your blanket anymore, before the pagent, and that was some of the best times. And the crowds are horrible. And the traffic.

One day though we will have to go again, to take Oliver.

Christian & Karen Robinson said...

Cute blog! Glad I found you!