Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another week.. GONE...

Yes you read that right. Another week is gone. I cannot believe how fast life is flying. On Saturday we went to a baptism for a friend and I talked to these two twins in our ward who will be turning 8 soon and I had asked them how they felt about baptism and if they were excited for their baptism day and that it would be here really soon. Their response was it is not soon it is in November. I responded saying that they are right when I was their age it seemed like forever for future months to come but now that I am older November will be here in about two hours. All in all the baptism was great. I LOVE the spirit that comes with going to baptisms. It is such a special feeling. While watching the baptism it made me think of the day that Jake will baptize our children. Then I was thinking that since we do not have children that it will be a long ways away. Then I had to remember what I told the twins.. That November will be here in about two hours. So I am guessing that the baptism for our children will be here in about 458 hours :)

Our week was fun. On Friday Makaila and I went to the Zoo. I was so excited to see the white alligator only to see that it is completely in cased and it hard to see past the finger prints :) Here is a picture of the alligator!
We also saw some fun animals :) I LOVED the picture I got of the Rhino. It was taken behind the plexi glass so don't mind any reflections :) Then the bear was super cute!
Now here is a picture of Makaila and I from the Zoo! She is so cute!

On Saturday we went over to Todd and Amy's new house and I was taking pictures of cute little Oliver! When I first started taking pictures of us he would intentionally close his eyes. So I took a few pictures of me closing my eyes to be funny too. Little did I know that the little squirt has his own agenda. See the picture below!

In case anyone does not know.. I LOVE OLIVER. This little boy brings so much joy to my life every time I see him. He is so funny and a sweet little boy. I love it when he gives me little hugs.

One last picture... This is one of my favorite pictures... It is not great by any means but is shows how sweet and kind my husband is. I love watching him interact with Makaila. One day he is going to be a fantastic day.

Well I better go to bed. Jake is tired and went to bed without me and we never do that. We always to bed at the same time. I asked him to wait 5 minutes but I guess he couldn't!

Edited-So Jake didn't go to bed without me! He just came down to ask me if I was done hehehehehe I love him!


Taylor's said...

You guys are so stinkin' cute!

And I don't think anyone doubts your love for Oliver! He sure is one cute adorable and HANDSOME little guy; and growing up way tooo fast!

Thanks for all your help with the BBQ and watching Kate! It was so nice not to have her stuck to me! I really appreciate it!

Look at your calendar and find a day that we can hang out!

NatNeedham said...

Hi Misty! Good to see you and your cute blog! Are you guys still in Balmoral or did you move? Take care!

Natalie said...

LOVE the pix with Oly! Haven't seen him in so long - what a thick head of hair!

Amelia said...

I love my little guy, he is such a crack up sometimes. Makaila is SO super cute with him!

Danielle said...

I love the pictures