Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great customer service!

I don't know about you but I am rarely receive exceptional customer service. So I will share my experience with you.

On 1/1/2008 I went and bought some new dress shoes. They are not that cute but they sure feel better than any other pair of shoes I have owned. About a month after I bought these shoes the rubber part of the heel fell off. Jake had super glued it. I was a little upset thinking that I paid $130.00 for this pair of shoes to have them only last a month. So about two months later if falls off again. I had complained to my friend at work who is so into shoes and has more pair of shoes than I will ever have and has worked as a shoe sales lady and she told me to take them back to the store. I felt as though I couldn't do that because here I have worn them for nearly 3 or so months. I finally decided to just email the maker of the shoes. I received a response back on Monday and they said that they would mail me out my new pair of shoes (This was on Tuesday) well late Tuesday I realized that I told them the wrong name of the shoes. So I emailed them and told them of my mistake. So I come into work today to find an email from them. They stated to KEEP BOTH pairs of shoes. These shoes are $130.00 EACH! How freaking excited am I? This experience will make it worth my time to go and buy more shoes and to share how great their service is.

If you are wondering the shoes are made by Aravon :)
Here is their web address :)
The shoes that I have are called Ann. The mistake pair is called Eden!

They are not super cute but they are super comfy!

I am excited for me new shoes to arrive!

So this is a positive to my negative post earlier today!


Hope every one is doing good :)


Taylor's said...

Awesome! Maybe I can have some luck like that !

Camilla said...

wow that is some great costomer service! And YAY for free shoes! wahoo!

Natalie said...

You and your customer service. lol I love it! (Never go to Europe - I'm pretty sure they simply don't believe in it).