Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yipee for love!

All that I can say is that I AM IN LOVE with Jake. He makes me so happy. I am so happy to have him as my husband. I look so forward to our 5 year anniversary trip next month. It is crazy as how fast the time has flown. On July 23rd it will make the 8 years since we met. :) I am one lucky gal! Here is a cute pic that I took of us. Well cute of him.. Not so much of me :)

Makaila came early on Thursday so I had to bring her into my work :) So we took this cute pic of us while at my work. I think she was totally bored and doesn't want to work when she grows up LOL!
Thursday was Todd's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Thursday Todd. We went over to their house for dinner. It was yummy. I love being with our friends and my wish for Todd is a future filled of fantastic Birthday memories.
Shannon, Amy and I while at Todd's Birthday party! Those two are just so cute. On Friday we went to another birthday party for Jake's brother Jason. They have this cute little girl named Abby (I posted about her when she was first born) and this picture of her was ohh so cute so I thought that I would share this pic! I am happy to announce that this year I left firework burn free! Yipee! Those who do not know three years ago while at Jason's party I was burnt by fireworks on my legs in four spots. They were totally nasty and painful. The second pic is of Jason! Happy Birthday Jason!

On Saturday we ventured out to Temple Square. I always love going to Temple Square. This was Makailas first time going. We went through Brigham Young's house and then went over to the North Visitor Center to see the Christus. After we went and saw the Christus there is this little movie thing where you go from room to room. They show a film that basically talks about eternal families and how much Christ loves us. After we left Makaila grabbed my hand and said didn't that show just make you almost cry? I said yes because it was the spirit testifying that families are eternal. She LOVES church and looks forward to every week that we go. The missionaries asked if they could contact her mom. She excitedly said YES! We will see what comes of it. I don't know what I am going to do when this little girl leaves to go back home.. Possibly cry and be sad for a while... Anyways here are a few pictures of his from our Temple Square Visit. We were not able to do all that we wanted to do because we got a call from Jake's Aunt telling us that his Grandmother was in the hospital due to a fall where she broke 6 ribs in her back and punctured her lung. His Grandmother is doing as well as could be expected since they can't really do anything for this except pain management. Please keep her in your prayers... She is a sweet lady who would do anything for anyone and it makes me feel sad to see her in this pain.


Amelia said...

What a fun filled week you had! I LOVE the pic of you two with Mikaila.

I do NOT love the pic of us three; look how pasty I look next to you two hotties! I am definitely NOT the cute friend! Ugh.

Thanks for coming over for Todd's bday. And for calling tonight to see if there was anything the family needs. You are a good friend.

Taylor's said...

Misty, wow have you been busy!

What an awesome experience with Mikaila. I will pray for something to good to turn out of the temple square experience.

We will keep Jake's grandmother in our prayers.

I think we are going to go and do a session on Tuesday evening in the Jordan River Temple if you and Jake wanted to join us, the offer is there.

Christian & Karen Robinson said...

Mikaila is so cute! I'm glad she had such a good experience at Temple Square. I'm sorry about Jake's grandma - we'll keep her in our prayers.

The Snells said...

you guys are just so cute!! i cant believe it will be 5 yrs already! crazy how time flies by :)