Saturday, August 30, 2008

San Diego Temple

We went to the San Diego Temple while on our vacation and it was BEAUTIFUL! The inside I think is a lot more beautiful than the outside! We did a session while we were there and man.. I could live without the experience of getting to the temple for the session. It started out with us running late. We told my cousins who were going to watch Makaila that we would be there by 8:30 and we didn't even get to the car to leave until 8:30. I want to add what Makaila said on the way to church on Sunday. We again were running late (well not late 10 min until church started and church was 5 min away) and we get to the car and Jake wanted his sunglasses. Makaila had said that EVERYTHING we try to go to church something comes up that tries to make us not want to go to church or are late for church. That we get upset or something. I had told her that it was Satan who was trying to keep us from doing good. Now back to our story about going to the Temple. So as we are driving all of the sudden the vehicle will not go into first of second gear. In Cali there are a lot of hills and this made it challenging to get to our destination. We were hoping that there was no problem but sure enough.... It would hardly work. Jake could get it in first once in a while. Like one out of every 10 tries. But never in second. So I am getting frustrates because we are borrowing this vehicle from my cousins and now we break it. So we finally make it to the Temple. Guess what I couldn't find? My recommend. Here I am already stressed out about the vehicle and now I cannot find my recommend. Luckily I found it but it was hidden in my wallet. As you walk into the temple it is BEAUTIFUL! The stair case leading up to the chapel was beautiful and the celestial room was breathtaking! If you have not gone make time to go! This is the most beautiful Temple I have been to!

Here are some pictures!

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Natalie said...

Can I tell you how much I love this temple? I lived an hour away from it in the 90s and went to it's open house - but I'm sure it doesn't compare to doing work in it. Maybe someday... (soon hopefully)