Saturday, August 30, 2008


We went to Disneyland and stayed at Howard Johnsons. If anyone is going to Disneyland I recommend that you check out HOJO :) We paid $74.00 a night for two queen beds with a Disney view :) It was clean and nice. They have what is called the entertainment rate which isn't always available but it is available for most of the time. What you do to get the entertainment rate is purchace one of those entertainment books and bring the blue card that comes with it to HOJO :) You can check out if the rate is available by going to
We also did this thing called ridemax which is this program that you can buy and it lets you chose the rides that you want to ride that day and it makes a schedule for you to use so you have the least amount of wait time to ride a ride! The whole time that we were there the longest wait time we had was a half hour! That was for splash mountain which we rode with it not being on the list in our free time! The only downfall is that you walk and walk and walk and walk. While we were walking I starting singning that primary sing Pioneer children sang and they walked and walked and walked and walked LOL :) You can check out ridemax by going to
We had a lot of fun while in Disneyland. Makaila seemed to enjoy the thrill type rides. She said that her favorite ride was the Tower of Terror! Crazy her! I can tell you that I HATE HATE HATE I could continue typing the word hate but I will not bore you by having to read it that many times the teacups. What a waste of a ride LOL :) I got so sick of from the ride. I had a major headache and refuse to even look at the ride again!

Here are a few pictures of our Disneyland trip :)

Have you ever wished that you would have bought something and didn't? Well that is this hat! I don't know why but I wanted this hat! I didn't get it and now wished that I would have. It fit my head perfectly! I loved it! Oh well at least I have a picture to remember it by!

While we were in California I got a new addiction. Mr. Potato Head. Yup.. I LOVE Mr. Potato head and bought tons of disney parts for my Mr. Potato Head. Now I wished that I had a few more parts LOL :) I guess those will have to wait until our next trip
We got to take our picture with Mickey! Not the best picture but it will do!
I had to get those cute Mickey Ears for Makaila! Look at all of the cute pictures that I was able to get! I am SOO going to miss this little girl come Monday morning when she returns back home.


Taylor's said...

Thanks for all the great tips; I will have to look into them for our trip out there!

It looks like so much fun; never been to DisneyLand but I have been to DisneyWorld!

Glad you all had fun and even made it to the temple!

The Empty Envelope said...

Great photos!

Christian & Karen Robinson said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! I'm so freaking jealous! But I can't complain, I'm going in October when my brother blesses his baby. Let me know if you still want that hat! It's so cute!!

The Snells said...

it looks like you and jake had a great time celebrating your 5 yr anniversary! and you have so many cute pics :)

Natalie said...

This sure looks like a fun trip! I don't care to go without kids - so I look forward to the day I have kids old enough to enjoy it.