Monday, August 18, 2008

Gabes new addiction.

On our flight to California Gabe picked up a new addiction. Here is a picture of him as he fell asleep while reading :)
So I finally caved in and read Twilight. I read it in three days. It was a fast read but not my favorite book. Or maybe I don't even have a favorite book. The last book that I read was the first book in the sisterhood of the traveling pants series. So I don't read that often! However I an on the second book New Moon. I bought it while at the airport with hopes to get some 100 pages read on the flight. I did not read 100 instead 18 LOL :) Due to the flight I had a headache and didn't read much :) So on the flight Gabe had fallen asleep and we thought that it would be funny to take a picture of him with the sun glasses on and the book before he woke up and I knew that the fanes of these books would LOVE this picture :)

Anyways.. Hopefully before the trip ends I will finish the book. I picked the book up on Thursday and I am on pay 90 I think so I have a lot to read before the 27th. I just haven't made time to read.

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Taylor's said...


I am glad to hear that you are one of the ones that are not totally thrilled with the book. I am currently reading it and I have to say very high school-ish for my liking.

Enjoy your vacation!