Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not one but two this week!

Meet Sheldon

This week our Nephew Sheldon came to stay with us. This proved to be challenging at times. Makaila and Sheldon shall I say just seem to get on each others nerves once in a while. Well maybe not once in a while but the whole day Saturday. It makes me wonder how parents do it. Then I have to remind myself that they don't start out like this and you learn and grow as the children learn and grow. I will say that despite the children drama this week has been pretty fun! It has been a year and a half since I last saw Sheldon and when I first saw a picture of him I almost did not even recognize him. He has grown up so much. Here is a picture as to what I think of him as:

Then I have to remind myself that it was two years ago that I last saw him and he isn't a baby anymore! My sister moved to Oregon shortly after he was born. Well maybe he was one or two years old at the time of the move and since the move I have seen him like 4 times. Here is a picture of what he looked like the last time I saw him: He is so cute!

We started this week out by having the missionaries come over. The Elders that are coming over are Elder Cruz and Elder Bieber. They are great missionaries and Makaila looked forward to their visit. They came last week for dinner and every time I talked to her on the phone before this week she had to ask if the missionaries were still coming over :) She seems to really like church! In the last three weeks she has wanted to go to the Temple and talks a lot about the Temple. Here is a picture of Makaila and Sheldon with the missionaries and then a picture of Makaila, Jake and I at Temple Square last week while seeing the Joseph Smith Movie:

Every time that we go to Temple Square Makaila has to write down every scripture she sees :) I hope that she is reviewing these scriptures in her spare time.
On Friday Makaila and I went to get our hair cut. Makaila looks so cute with her hair cut! I don't have a picture of just me so you will have to see my hair cut in pictures with other people. :) Makaila surprised me in how much hair she wanted taken off but it looks super cute. Hopefully I am still alive after her mother finds out! Her mother knew that she was getting a hair cut but didn't know how much was being cut off. We tried to call her mother but she did not answer... I tried.. I did :)
After we came home from getting our hair cut we again went to Temple Square. Makaila wanted to show Sheldon the Temple since he had never seen it before. Sheldon liked it! I LOVE going to the Temple. One of my favorite things about going to Temple Square is I know that I will at least see one bride :) If you're my friend you know how I love weddings :) They make me happy and if I had the money I would open up my own reception center :) Here is a picture of the three of us from Friday!
Friday night we went for a little drive to find this dog park to see if we wanted to take Zoey it. It is called Tanners something or another. It isn't fenced off and Zoey has this problem of listening so we wanted to see how far away from busy roads she would be. While we were there Jake and I took some new pictures of us :) You can never have to many pictures of us right? I love how he always looks at me. It makes me feel super special!
The biggest thing that we did this weekend was...... Getting us new bikes for our birthday/anniversary gift! We are going to start riding bikes to work for two reasons.
1-Exercise since we both lack that in our lives.
2-Save on Gas.. However the savings will be later on down the road based on the cost of the bikes. But I LOVE my new bike!
We went on a little ride today and it is just amazing at how out of shape I am. Hopefully with time I will get better at riding and increase my health! Sorry I didn't get any good pictures of the bikes but here is a picture of Jake trying to strap them onto our car and me trying out my new helmet!

We hope that everyone is doing well!
An update on Todd since my last post was about him :) He is doing good and his family has started a blog for him so people can check in on his progress. You can go to to check it out!


Taylor's said...

Glad to hear about all the adventures!

Tanner Park is really fun for the dogs and gives you a good hike or even bike ride for that matter!

Call us and all of us can go biking; we just pull the girls in their bike trailer. We would love to go!

AND I love the hair cuts!

Tony and Amanda said...

Cute haircuts Misty! That's also good to know about the dog park. . .is it up Millcreek Canyon? We need to find out about places we can take our dog to run free. . . how did your dogs do at the park? We sure miss the ward and everyone! Its great to keep up-to-date with everyones' blogs!

The Egans said...

Misty, you guys are the best aunt and uncle! Let me also say that you are the darn cutest couple! I also need to say that I LOVE the song that plays on your blog ("bleeding love")'s my current favorite...Evan's too! Very fun blog!

The Snells said...

Sheldon is getting so grown up!! how fun! thats great that you guys are letting them come stay with you for a while :)i bet you are getting some great parenting skills too! lol the haircuts are super cute!