Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 1- Bike 1 Misty 0

For my birthday (Today 7/29 Happy Birthday Misty:)) we got us some new cool bikes. On Sunday we rode our bikes for about 6 miles with the kids and we decided that today we were going to start riding our bikes to work :) So after day one the bike won I lost.... LOL I am so tired and so exhausted that I just want to shower and go to sleep! I don't think that I have ever prodused so much sweat in my whole life. Our ride to work was easy! We made it there in 40 minutes! It would usually take me 15-20 minutes to drive to work so I think that we made good time considering all of the extra pounds that I am carrying around! Now... Our ride home I wish to not talk about it. Ok I will :) We ended up taking a detour to my Aunts house because there were no side walks the way that we were going and we have decided that we are going to be side walk riding folks :) That was tough. I have a hard time going over the hill on 2700 W and I 215. I know some day that I will be able to ride over with no problems:) but right now it is going to take some time. So we ended up leaving my Aunts house at 8:23 and arrived at our house around 9:05. So 42 minutes! The problem was the wind was blowing AGAINST us and the little down hills that I enjoyed the other day and used as time to relax was not relaxing at all. We hardly moved. LOL :) We will see if we go tomorrow as right now my knees are killing me. We rode at least 12 miles today. Here are a few pictures of our day!
Here is a picture of us before we started our journey this morning!

Here is a picture of us as we arrived at our work.. Notice how red my face is LOL :)

Here we are at dinner :) and then a picture of Aunt Lorna. I am so grateful for everything that she has done for me. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be where I am at today. We went to Red Robin for the second year in a row and received awful service LOL :)


Taylor's said...

Congrats Misty! I am so dang proud of you! You are good at whatever you set your mind to and I totally admire you for that!

If you can ride 12 miles you should do the triathlon with me! We can get you up to speed on the swim and run! And seriously, call us we would love to go and bike with you guys!

Sorry to hear that Red Robin was not the best; we love Red Robin and have had some bad service (no tip is always what Jeff says).

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and I hope day two . . . Misty's wins! Happy Birthday!

The Mulford Family said...

Thats so Awesome you road your bike that far!! Happy Birthday!! Sorry we have been strangers...we have just been so busy this month it's out of control! We have been out of town every weekend this month. Anyway I miss ya guys!

Amelia said...

Awesome job on all the riding. I anticipate seeing those pesky inches just melt away if you keep it up at that pace! You are amazing. Take it easy on your knees though, ask Shannon, knee injuries are no walk in the park (ha ha.) If they hurt take some ibuprofen (it helps with swelling) and ice them. I used to run on the treadmill at work, and then sit with my pant legs pulled up and baggies of ice on my knees afterward.