Monday, November 2, 2009

When you love someone.

I was thinking a lot about how much I miss Misty recently. I was thinking of the mushy song "when you love someone" from the Robinhood movie from the 90's. And I really do love her so much I can barely stand it. I tend to talk a lot... I talk a lot about me and a lot about things I really don't know much about. One thing I love to talk about though is Misty!

What words are there that can really express the feeling and love I have for that great woman! Misty took care of everyone around her. And did not really take time for her self. She is truly a selfless person. She made me happy in every way.

I was thinking about our first real date. It was at Sundance and we went to a play Fiddler on the roof. I think we got there about an hour before dark. I think Misty and I had known each other for about 9-10 days. when we got there we looked around the shops there and some of the resturants. We walked to the chair lift and took a ride around the top. They would not let us get off at the top but it was nice to sit next to her and talk. Later we went down and had dinner from this outdoor BBQ they where doing just before the show. I remember we had steak and mine was overcooked and I decided to make a BBQ sauce out of ketchup, pepper, salt and I think some of the Juice from her steak. SHe looked at me and thought your crazy... then I had her try it, then she knew I was crazy becuase I told her that it tasted good.

When took a tractor that pulled a tralier with hay bails on it to the top of the hill where the show and the seating was. When it started we cuddled up together becuase it started to get cold. Durning the show we met an older couple that we talked with durring intermission, I think they ask how long we were married for! I think they could sense the love we had for each other. When it was done we walked down with this couple and talked with them. They were very nice and I got to know Misty a lot better because they asked questions about us that I did not think of asking.

We took Misty's car becuase Misty's aunt did not like that my car was so small and would probably surivive a crash in her's I guess and it was probably more reliable then my Escort. When I was driving home we were heading through Provo when I turned right and Misty said I ran a red light! I was like no I did not you can turn right on a red. She said no it was a Red right turn arrow! (I never saw one before) I just remember her giggling so much and how much fun we had that night! her luagh was music to my ears.

Never in my life have I felt so appericatied then I have with being with Misty. It was like a light being turned on in my life. Life meant something, problems did not matter and things seams just so good. Misty and I have a kind of love that just won't quit. there were times in our lives that we could just be sitting next to eachother and not say anything and be totally content. We never felt like we had to impress each other we just seemed to have it all by just being together.

Misty just had these ways of just making me so happy her Smile just lit up the room. she had some of the nicest teeth and not too bad of a toung I should say ether... Oh and her eyes My favorite part about her. they made me melt, love, care, enjoy, smile, lust, and crave. They spoke stories of unimaginable paridise. She also had what was know as the "bedroom eyes" Well those I will miss for sure. If you never had a hug from Misty you better get one in the after life. Becuase they were awesome! Such a sweet embrace from a sweet person. No matter how bad the day there was nothing quite like holding my Misty. Misty is a great kisser too I must say, sometimes I would just gently kiss her bottom lip and it would take me to another world. I can't tell you how happy I am that I have Misty in my life. She is my world! she means so much to me and to be with out her just tears me up inside.

I feel I have been left with a lot of confusion in my life. And it has not been easy trying to sort things out with out her. I just miss her so much. thanks for taking the time to read about some of the ways I love her.



B Wallace Family said...

I cry every time I read your blog! Everything you say is so true about Misty! I hav eseen or felt that same compassion and love from her (except the bedroom stuff of course...hehe) But what I am most impressed with is how eloquently you can retell such wonderful memories of sweet Misty! She truly is an amazing person! I am so glad that you still talk about her and that you have such wonderful memories of her to hold in your heart. It makes me wonder what things Brian would miss about me if I were to pass on before him... It makes me want to make better memories for my family and those who I interact with :) Since you said you like talking about Misty, I have to tell you every Sunday (especially since I have had Dillon) I miss Misty so much! I loved looking over and seeing that amazing perfect and beautiful smile of hers! I miss so much seeing her hint or ask in sacrament to hold my babies! I loved passing Emma up to her to hold. I miss that so much! You found such a gem I am so happy that you guys have Eternity together!

Cynthia said...

Jake! I am so very sorry! I knew Misty through The Peas message board but had the opportuniy to meet her in real life several times. I haven't been part of that board for awhile so I just now found out about her passing.

In just those few meetings she left a real impact on me. She IS a beautiful, positive woman with the most infectious smile ever! She made good use of it too.

I know how much she was looking forward to having a family with you. I cannot imagine your heartbreak but wanted you to know that others think of her and care. Her loss is noticed and felt by many. We're all thinking of you too. I'm so sorry you've been called to bear this incredible trial but have to agree with you that the time you shared in this life is worth missing her until the next. May God continue to uphold you in this difficult time.