Friday, December 19, 2008

What a busy week!

My last post mentioned what we did on Saturday night but I forgot to post about what we did on Saturday day! We went bowling with my work for our Christmas party and guess what? Jake bowled his highest score ever! I was so proud of him. I on the other hand sucked!
Here is a cute picture of us from bowling. How did I get so lucky? Jake is so cute :) This week has been so busy for us! I forgot what we did on Monday but I am sure that it was super busy. Then Tuesday we had, well I had our relief society dinner to attend and Jake had the fun job of helping with the Nursery. Then Wednesday I was supposed to get together with the others in the primary presidency to put together binders for next year but I couldn't make it because my decorations for the following day (Our teacher appreciation dinner) were not working out. My friend was going to cut out some letters that I was going to put around each table and she called me Tuesday night telling me that her machine wasn't working and there was something wrong with her blade so she wasn't able to do it. So on Wednesday instead of helping out I was trying to get these letters cut out since my theme for decorations was based on these letters :) So I decided that I was going to go to Heartland Paper and use their dye cuts.. I get there only to find out that they are all of 1.25 inches and I NEEDED about 7 inches. SO that wasn't going to work. Then I called my life saving cousin Sue who just happened to have the same machine that my other Friend did and said that they were heading out to Ogden to look at some lights and she would call me when they got back. If my memory is right she called at around 9:30 so off to her house I headed. Then guess what? Her machine was having some problems cutting my paper. I think that the paper that I bought just wasn't right. It wasn't cutting through the paper all of the way. So we just went with it and cut the rest of them out and I could just cut them out myself at work the following day. So I get home around 11:30. The next morning at work we were having a decorating contest and my team wanted to win! We were doing a theme of snowman farm and I had made one big snowman but with a farm I figured that we needed more so I had my friends at work help me out and make 20 more little snowmen. Tell me what you think! I think that they turned out so cute. Our team ended up not winning 1st but we took second :) Here are a few pictures that I hurried and took before I left on Thursday so I could decorate for our Primary dinner :) I LOVE them :)

I am soooo excited with our my decorations for Primary turned out. Our theme next year is My Eternal Family. At first I wanted to decorate with snowflakes :) and I had actually had about 100 snowflakes cut out when I felt that what I was deciding on my decorations wasn't what I was supposed to do so I switched my theme to My Eternal Family :) Tell me what you think about the decorations too! :)

After decorating I was soo tired. I did about 99% of this on my own. Jake wasn't feeling well and April was busy doing other things. It is amazing at how much work goes into decorating. But guess what? Even though I was tired it was WORTH it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating :)

Today Jake called into work sick again. He ate something the other day that made him not feel so well. So I went out to lunch with my Aunt today and then hung out with him. We went and looked at a few Christmas lights tonight and came home. Here is a picture of us before we left.. Have I told you guys just how much I love him? :) He just makes me happy. I am so lucky!

If I don't post again until after Christmas we hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

PS Be safe out in the snow!!!!!!!


Taylor's said...

I love the tables! Wish I could have attended but it was Malisia dance concert!

You do an amazing job!

Amanda said...

Your decorations look awesome! We sure miss you guys and are excited when we get to move back home in 2.5 years!

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

You and dh are adorable! I wanted to tell you, I am a pretty loyal customer because of good prices and free shipping