Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun Times!

I cannot believe how busy that we are getting now that Christmas is just around the corner. We wanted to do our Christmas caroling this year and I had plans to make cute invites for our Christmas Caroling and guess what? I didn't get to it. So.. Christmas Caroling next Saturday (the 13th) at our house at 6:30. After we are done caroling we will come back to our place for hot chocolate. Please bring a treat to share with everyone!

Tonight we went to my sister in laws house for dinner and to hang out :) Why does it seem like th only people that I get pictures of with my camera is Gabe and I? Here is one :) Jake was having him crawl on my back. I sure do love that kid. BTW he might have to have surgery on his hip in the coming months so if you could keep him in your prayers that would be great. His hip is dislocated and could cause potential problems for his one functioning lung.

I came downstairs today to see Zoeys addition to our Christmas decorations. I guess that her squeaky toy snowman needed to be by our Santa and snowman LOL :) Seeing this made me smile so I Had to take a picture of it. Jake states that he did not put it there :)

Last night I went with Amy to a party at OC Tanner. Shannon (far left in this picture) works there and they were having some party to have people come and buy some stuff. We went for the food and to look at the pretty jewelry. There was this beautiful ring that I would have loved to have. I didn't see how much it cost and I would hate to see how much it costs due to this watch that we saw that rang in at $27,000.00.

Amy and I with Santa! I was going to do the famous Misty pictures (ones where I take the pictures which is how most of my pictures posted on the blog were taken LOL) and Santa said no and he had some stranger lady take our picture. After we took our picture he handed me my camera and said nope not done and had me take a picture of Santa with the stranger lady. LOL. Here are the pictures of Santa! :)

Here is a picture of Shannon because it was so cute and she is so cute :) I am glad that I have gotten to know Shannon. I met her through Amy.
When I went shopping on Friday I parked in this spot. I know that I parked close to the line but geesh if you park next to someone at least leave them enough room so they can get into their own car and if you car is to big that you have to do this just so YOU can get out of your car then park at the very end of the parking lot were no one parks. Maybe that is where I should park so I don't have to complain about stupid parkers. Anyways.... I had to climb through my passenger seat to get into the driver seat. Not even a small child would have been able to open the door up to get into the car. Here is my picture to share!
I hope that everyone had a great weekend!


Taylor's said...

That car picture just makes me fume! I hate when that happens!

It looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I still need to blog about ours!

Jenni said...

Aw, I love how your dog contributed to Christmas decorating. How sweet was that? Little Gabe is so, so cute. Holy crap-ola pile of presents! Where's mine.

My only car accident involved a car who parked too close to me. I was driving a 14 passenger van and a little tiny car parked right under the right side of the car. Ripped the stupid dude's bumper right off.