Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The start of my work Halloween Decorations!

We started putting up our work decorations this week! I am the one heading this decoration fun! On Saturday two of my friends came over from work and helped put together our "Haunted House" wall! Here is what our area would have looked like before!

And here is what we have done so far! I LOVE it!

I am going to have sign name with our oh so cool Haunted house name :) I will tell you that after it is up! Each employee on our team is going to decorate their cubicle like an area of the haunted house! We will see what we come up with! I volunteered to be in charge and I didn't want people think that that the decorations were all about me so I decided to find a way to include those who wouldn't volunteer in the first place! I am soo excited to see how it turns out. When we are done I will share more pictures!

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Taylor's said...

Holy smokes that looks great!