Saturday, April 5, 2008

Have you ever...

Ran into a General Authority of the church? We did last night!

As we were going to the Temple last night we ran into Elder L. Tom Perry in the conference building elevator! :) I will admit that I didn't know his name but from the spirit I felt as he entered the elevator I KNEW that he was someone special. :) Obviously we were not the only people in the elevator, being conference weekend and all, and this other girl that was in there about pee’d her pants. You know the when you see your celebrity crush type of pee your pants. So since she was going all crazy I decided to ask what his name was. When we came home I looked for his picture and sure enough it was him.. This has taught me two things.. One I need to pay more attention to conference and two I need to study up on the general authority of the church!

Anyways you guys! I hope that you enjoy conference and will be willing to share your favorite conference talks with others! I hope that you have a good and safe weekend and a spiritual one at that. This week has been a great week for us because Jake received his patriarchal blessing this week and then we went to the Temple last night for one of Jakes friends from work taking out her own endowment.. But.. We were to late. We arrived 5 minutes to late. So we did some sealings and went to the celestial room for about and hour and a half. As we were in there there was one girl who will forever hold a special place in m heart.. Even though I don't know her and she doesn’t even know she had am impact on me. I was just watching her excitement and joy and LOVE for the temple as she entered the celestial room for the first time. She made me happy and reminded me of the day that I went to the Temple for the first time. I hope that I acted half of excited as she did.

Well I am off to go and help clean out my old bedroom at my Aunts house. It has become completely stuffed with junk and I need to find some pictures for something I am doing for my Aunt!


Taylor's said...

How funny!

What would you have done if you ran into the prophet . . . and at your OB's office?

I ran into President Hinckley when I was pregnant with Malisia in the same office at my OB was at.

And to top it off, President Monson was in our previous stake; a group of us used to go running and we would run right past his house in the cove and his sweet wife would always make President Monson run in for suckers for all the kiddos!

And I am sure you were just as excited as the girl was in the temple! We still need to go together!

Amelia said...

what a fun story. I met Russel M. Nelson at a park one day, and David B. Height came to our regional conference in Washington when I was about 10. Oh, and I went to high school with Pre. Hinkley's grand kids, but I neve met him. :( I would have loved to. Todd's grandparents know Pres. Monson pretty well though, they were in his ward when he was bishop way back in the day, and Grandma was on the Relief Society General Board (before I ever met Todd.)