Monday, March 24, 2008

Funny picture!

The so you think that you're cool taking a self portrait only to find out that you had the bunny ears backwards Photo! :)
Easter yesterday was great. You know the whole go to three families parties ordeal. I didn't take many pics so this one will have to do!
Nothing really exciting has recently happened. Well except we finished our taxes and will have them mailed off soon! Usually we end up having to pay but the last two years we received a refund. This year we are going to use our refund for our vacation in August. :) Yay for Disneyland!
Well I better get to bed! 5:45 will be here soon! We have been going to the gym as I need to lose 30 pounds by August! That's my goal and I WILL DO IT!

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Taylor's said...

Awesome for you! I can't believe you are up at that time! Who do you go with?

You can totally get to your goal! Dedication is all it takes!