Friday, March 14, 2008


I thought that I would do one more post for the day.

If you know me you have heard about Gabe.

Gabe is the second love of my life. I love him so very much. Everything about this little boy melts my heart! On Monday it will be his SECOND birthday. The second birthday that Doctors said would never happen. Just seeing Gabe and watching Gabe testifys to me of the miracles that our Heavenly Father perfom on a daily basis. For his birthday I am going to make his birthday cake :) I have no idea what I am going to make but I am going to make one. When I am done I will post some pictures. Don't get your hopes up.. It will not be anything fantastic.

Also! Great news! My sister in law Nicole is going to have her baby soon! I am looking forward to meeting this little girl! They are going to name her Abigail Jace (I am not positive of the spelling I am only guessing ).

Well bye for now! I do know that I have more important things to do considering the time of day I am posting this!

have fun everyone!

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