Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So many memories that start off January for us...

January is such a special month for us! On January 4th it marked three years since Jake was baptized. On the 6th (today :)) marks 2 years since we took out our endowments and the 13th marks 2 years since we were sealed. It is amazing at the chang that has taken place in our lives since we started going to church, taking out our endowments and being sealed together for eternity. I am so thankful that we were brought to the church. We have made so many great friends which whom I will cherish forever.


Taylor's said...

I can't believe that all of those things happened so quickly! Seriously, you make the best wife ever and I really think that Jake will be in the quorum of the 70 one day!

Just remember those covenants you made to each other 2 years ago and life will ride a bit smoother!

Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!

Amanda said...

That's so awesome; what a special month. You guys are greats!