Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our life through the Holidays!

This is going to be a huge post... HUGE I tell you! :) We have Christmas to cover and new years :) We hope that everyone had a safe and happy Holiday season!
This year my Aunt found this Santa hat and beard for the animals. She ended up putting it on all of our animals. They didn't like it.. I wonder why LOL but they did look oh so cute. It was a little small for Zoey but we at least got one picture before it came off! This is my Aunts cat Shiloh. She has had him since my Junior year so 98! He is cute!
Here is Santa Keisha. She doesn't look happy at all LOL :)

And last here is Santa Zoey! I love my dog! To think that I almost picked the cute dog out of the sad dog... So glad that Jake talked me into getting the sad dog :) On Christmas Eve we did our Christmas with both sides of Jake's family. When we got to Jake's sisters house, Lonni, we waited and waited and waited for people to show up.. One of two things.. We were either early, told the wrong time or people didn't show up on time. It was people didn't show up on time. Some of his family didn't show up for nearly 2 hours.. Yes 2 hours after the party was to start. Then when his Aunt showed up his cousins sugar went low so they had to call the ambulance on her. Her sugar went down to 34.... They were able to bring her out of it and she came and enjoyed the party.... :) We however had to leave before Jake's Grandmother got there because we had to go to my other Mother in Laws house because I was having Santa come. Can you believe it I got not one picture from both of these events? After both parties we had to go back to Lonni's house because I had one of her Christmas Gifts for her children at my house and forgot to bring it. When we were there earlier we exchanged our Christmas gifts. They got Jake and I matching PJs with their family. They do matching PJs every year! This year we were lucky enough to get some too! Here is a picture of all of us! Here is a cute picture of Gabe! He is getting so big! Oh yeah! I have a funny story about Santa at my MIL house. So after Santa had left my niece Bella had said that was Santa huh? Her mom had said yes it was. Then Bella said I didn't know what Santa really looked like. Then her mom said You have seen Santa at the mall before. Bella then said No I haven't those are Santa's helpers! Ahh SO cute! For a picture of this cute girl look at my posts from a few months ago.. I feel bad that I don't talk about all my other cute nieces and nephews but we don't see them nearly often enough which we need to work on....

This next picture I am going to title a magical moment. If you have read my posts before I have posted one other picture just like this! This is Gabe signing my name :) Or how he does it :) One of these days he is going to be too big for signing and will vocally say my name. He hasn't said it properly yet. When you ask him to say my name he does the sign then when you tell him to use his words he tries it and does something that consists of two syllables :) But it isn't the same as hearing the word MISTY :) This picture was taken on Christmas Eve. Lonni wasn't able to get him matching HO HO PJS (HO HO is what Gabe calls Santa :)) instead got him Elmo or as Gabe calls him LALA :) So I was trying to take his picture of him with this huge Elmo that I got him and he had thrown it down and did my sign and the camera just caught it at the right time :)

As I am looking through the tons of pictures that I have to post I found ONE picture I took while we were at Lonni's house for Jake's family Christmas! This is a picture of Gabe opening his present. Another funny story. I had wrapped both his present and his brothers present in the same size of box and I had told Gabe that the present that I had in my hands was his. We were walking over to the couch to open up his presents when he say his brother opening up the present that appeared to be Gabe. Gabe looked at him and said no and gave him angry eyes. So funny. I told Gabe that it wasn't his present that it was his brothers and then had him open up his present. It was fun seeing Gabe get excited to open presents this year! The next morning we had my Mom, Jer and my Aunt Lorna over for breakfast and to open presents. I started this tradition last year and hope that it continues! It is fun to have my family at my house.. Sometimes it feels like I have to beg them to come over.... We started off with breakfast and then went to opening gifts!
Here is a cute picture of Jake and one not so cute of me... I stayed in my Jammies almost the whole day! It is nice to have a day where you can just lounge around! Me with my Brother Jeremiah! My mom and Aunt Lorna with their stockings! Here is a picture of Jer, Jake and I with our stockings. Sorry you're either going to have to look at this picture upside down or turn your monitor to see it right side up! I didn't realize that it was upside down until now and don't want to go back and change it! Here is a picture of all of the presents out all over the place! Zoey wanted to be in the mess! She is so funny! My Aunt wanted me to take a picture of her with her presents :) I think that this picture turned out so cute! Here is a picture of me with Santa! My Aunt bought us this Santa the first Christmas we lived together! This Santa has been with us for 7 years! I hope that he is something that we can keep for many many years since it is something special for us being with us through our whole living together lives! Jer must have been exhausted from all of the excitement and fell asleep! Note that cute blanket :) It is mine! All mine. I have this obsession.. Well I have two obsessions.. One is weddings and one is blankets.. Oh so I Have three.. The third is ties.. Jake has put me on a no buying blankets and ties for a long time thing LOL :)
On New Years Eve and went and babysat Gabe for a few hours while his family went to a movie! I got him all dressed and we went out to Wal Mart so I could spend the rest of our money left on our FSA before we lost it and then we went to Jake's work to visit him! Isn't Gabe so cute? I on the other hand look horrible LOL. I know I should do my hair everyday.. I know.. Just why am I lazy and don't lOL. Guess it is time that I get a haircut so I can't pull my hair back hehe :)Later on that night we went back to Gabe's place and had our new years celebration over there. We brought Guitar Hero and Gabe so wanted to play :) So he helped me with one song. Half way through he was either bored and mad because we were losing on the song so I hurried and took over LOL :)Here is a picture of another one of Jake's sisters. This is Danni. Lonni's twin sister. My first picture of 2009!~
Now just some random pictures of us!

Finally after an hour and a half I am done posting this blog. I have had such bad luck posting it. First I did something that hid the URL address stuff. I don't know how to explain it. Then I got this all posted and posted it and went to view it and it posted it to another blog that I post on... Then I went to copy and paste it and that didn't work.... I had to go in and add all the pictures again... THEN I am freezing. My fingers are about to fall off. When is this cold weather going to be over LOL :)

THanks for reading my post.. SOrry that it is sooooooooooooooooooo long!


Amelia said...

Misty. my friend, you are so freaking cute! Your makeup in the last two pictures is GORGEOUS!

Why does Jer look pissed in all his pictures?? Ba Humbug! :)

Misty and Jake said...

Ahh you made me happy! :)

Jer had a bad Christmas morning. TO start off his so called girlfriend stood him up.. YET AGAIN. She is so undependable. Then he opened the door to bring some stuff in without shutting it and guess what? My lovely dog wanted to go a venturing Christmas Morning and I kind of snapped at him and told him that now he gets to go and find my dog... :( He had just had a rough morning.. Poor guy.

Taylor's said...

Don't feel bad for long posts; they are just long journal entries and I love reading them.

Can you guys be any more cuter? Seriously, in every picture you can tell you guys truly love each other.