Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Makaila has been gone for a few weeks now and I don't even think that my camera has been out of my case. I didn't realize how I don't really take pictures that often. I guess that if you were to look through my pictures (and my posts) I am sure that at least 90% of my posts are either about 1-Makaila or 2-Gabe!

I promise that I will try to post more and take more pictures :) They may be of the sky or something however I am GOING to take them :)

So what has been going on in our life since Makaila left? Nothing really I guess :) Getting our house back to normal I suppose. Spending my time together and possibly being lazy. It is kind of nice to kick back and not be on the go go go all of the time. You know me.. I am always on the go. It seems as though I always have something planned. So lets see what has happened since Makaila left on the 1st... We went on a bike ride on the 13th up some rode in Orem. Before we got to our destination we drove past this fruit stand which we kept on driving past! On the way home I told Jake that I wanted to get some fruit. I was sure glad that I did. They were the best peaches I have ever ate and if Orem wasn't so far away I would go and get me some more. Plums.. Yes Plums.. They are delicious too. I had told Jake that you forget how much you like the sweet taste of fruit until you eat it! At that moment I would have rathered had a peach instead of a candy bar! Then.... I went out with my Aunt on Monday. Missed my primary meeting on Thursday (Wasn't feeling good. Came home and went to sleep until almost 9). Oh yeah! We bought a new washer and dryer. I LOVE my new washer and dryer. Our old ones were leaking. Or shall I say the washer was leaking and it wasn't swishing the clothes like I thought that it would. We had already made one repair to the washer and two to the dryer. These stupid machines were only 4 years old. So off we went to Maytag to see about fixing the machine. It was going to cost like $80.00 just to have someone LOOK at it PLUS parts and labor. I had thought that I could just deal with clothes which I am sure were ok cleaned just not as good smelling as our clothes in Cali (our clothes smelt SOO good in cali. I bet that it had to do with their detergent LOL) However I still wanted to go and look at the outlet area at RC Willey. We get there this guy trys to talk us into this Frigidaire washer and dryer. We told him that we are just looking and off we go to the scratch and dent area and guess what we found? Our washer and dryer! We got such a good deal on it! YAY! Oh yeah.. I forgot. I want to mention this.. I joined weight watchers on Friday. Yup I said it. I am fat... and need the help of weight watchers. Since Friday I have done so so.. I know that I can do better. Next week is going to be better. This week so far my achievements are... I have not had Soda since Thursday AND are you ready for this? I am drinking Milk. I hate milk. Granted I had to blend it with Fruit but I drink it :) So those are my two accomplishments! I am going to try to accomplish two things at a time with this weight loss thing. That way I don't overwhelm myself and give up. When I go to the weigh in and if I haven't lost anything I have gained two other accomplishments out of the week and will look forward to next weeks! :) SO wish me luck! I know that I need this more than ANYTHING. My heart needs it.. Most importantly JAKE needs it. I want to be here to live with him and at my weight it is not healthy. So check out my blog regularly for my weight loss posts!

Love ya guys!


Taylor's said...

Congrats on Weight Watchers . . . I LOVE THEM! Are you doing points?

Call me and we will go and work out!

And we love the scratch and dent section too . . .that is where our washer was and guess what, no dents or scratches!

The Snells said...

that is so great about weight watchers!! I did that right before i got married but then after that was over i slacked a ton :( I think i will definately go back on it once the baby is born, im sure ill need it! lol We also love the scratch and dent!! thats where we bought our bed, fridge, stove, i could go on but you get the picture :)