Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our vist with Gabe the other night ended like..................

OK so I just have to tell you this story because it is so cute! It has been about a month or so since Gabe no longer signs my name :) He says it :) YAY! Do you ever think that I would get tired of hearing my name from that little boy? Oh my goodness. When we are over there it is Misty this Misty that hold my hand Misty, Watch the dogs Misty on and on and on. I play play play and get soo tried. I even try to get him to play with Jake. No luck LOL :) It is so sweet that he says my name and I love it :) He was even calling me Misty Rocks for a few weeks LOL :)

Ok so onto the other night. I kind of went off track with my post. So I asked him if he was going to walk me to the door because I was going to leave and this sweet little boy so sweetly says 5 more minutes Misty :) AHh he wanted me to be there for 5 more minutes. So I just sat there for a few min and played basketball with him and then I said that it had been 5 minutes so I was going to go. AGAIN he said 5 more minutes. LOL :) What a cute boy huh?

I love him! :)

Oh yeah.. All of those cute pictures of him.. They are a thing of the past.. At least for right now. Here he is taking a picture. He hates it now! UGH!

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