Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I will keep him. A reason why I love him!

So the other day before I left for work I left a little note to Jake :)

You are the best husband. Thanks for being there for me and always showing me unconditional love.
I love you with all my heart!


Then I come home to find this!

Dear Misty

You mean the world to me; I know that I have had the best years in life being with you. You have exceeded every expectation I could have ever dreamed of. You truly fill my heart with everlasting joy! Time spent with out you is agony, I crave every second I am with you. No one else could match the love we share. I am so grateful to be called your husband. I am so happy I made the right choice to be with you.

I love you

Could I be any luckier? I think not!


Natalie said...

OH! So sweet! Love letters are THE BEST! I have all of ours saved - even from when we were dating. :) Save it in your nightstand and read it when you're feeling down.

Taylor's said...

Oh man; let me wipe away the tears! I need to be better and let Jeff know how I feel about him; you guys are such good examples to us! thanks for always being there! You are the BEST!

The Snells said...

oh how cute!! you guys are such a great couple :) ps... i had Delilah a few wks ago and we are now settled in at home so if you guys want to come by sometime just let me know!

Camilla said...

you my dear are the luckiest woman!! i can not even imagine getting a love letter like that. what a romantic loving husband!