Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Picture Time :)

A week ago today we got together with Jake's Dad's side of the family to get family pictures taken! While we were at our annual Snowbird trip I had asked my in laws if they thought that getting family pictures would be a good idea to get for my Mother in law for Christmas. We hadn't had pictures taken as a family since my brother in laws wedding! They thought that it was a good idea! I just got the pictures back today and wanted to share with you guys! These kids in this family are soo cute :) They make me smile. I know that most of you haven't met Jake's family so here is a glimpse of who he is related to! :)
Here is a picture of Jake and I :) It has been awhile since we last had pictures taken together.
Here is a picture of all of us!
I will start with the back row:
Jason, Derek, Misty, Jake and Steve
Front Row:
Ethan, Nicole, Candy (my Mother in Law) Jayme and Bella
On Laps:
Abigail and Hannah
Here is a picture of all of us girls! See names above for who is who :)

Cute kids!

Here is Abigail and Ethan. They are Jason and Nicole's kids.

Here is Hannah and Bella. Steve and Jayme's cute kids!

I am excited to have these pictures! I have wanted to have pictures of Jake's family to put on our walls and now I Have them!


Taylor's said...

Great pictures! What a fun idea for a gift! You guys look great!

The Snells said...

What cute pictures!! Its so fun to see how big the kids are getting :) you and jake look so happy!

Jenni said...

Ahhh, so cute! Love the ones of the kids. Horray for cute pictures

Celeste said...

My friend, I haven't talked to you forever. You look absolutely beautiful. It's so wonderful to hear about your calling and Jake's too! Im 100% sure he will do awesome (as I'm sure you are already doing in primary). I miss you!!!- Love Celeste

Christian and Karen Robinson said...

I love your pictures! The color scheme looks so nice!!